Permanent Holiday Lighting

A Permanent Maintenance-Free Holiday Lighting Solution

Our permanent holiday lighting system is invisible by day, brilliant by night!

Select from over 16 million colors or choose from hundreds of patterns to create the perfect lighting display for any occasion.

Our lighting track is custom-made and color matched to your home, providing a seamless look that blends perfectly with your existing architecture.


Our lights are rated to IP68, which means they are rated for underwater use. All connectors are also waterproof.


Our lights are built to last, and we back this with a full 3 year warranty.

Adjustable Brightness

Control all aspects of the lights, including brightness. Dim them down, or crank them up if you're having a party!

Energy Efficient

Each LED uses around 0.3 watts of power at full brightness. This is incredibly low!

Preset Library

Download pre-built presets from our community preset library. Feel like sharing? Modify an existing preset or create a new one from scratch and share it with the Celebright community for all to enjoy.

16 Million Colors

More than your average string of lights! Set them to any color in the rainbow (even warm white).

Customizable Patterns

Twinkles, chases, fades and many more. All customizable to any colour palette you like.

Control from your phone

Control all aspects of your lighting system easily from an app on your phone. ios and android apps available.

Well Hidden

When off, the lights are virtually invisible from the street. The track is colour-matched to your house to blend in perfectly.

No Maintenance

No more climbing up ladders. Our lights are a permanent installation and are rated for 50,000 hours of use. (That's over 20 years at 6 hours of use every night!)

Global Remote Access

Access and control your lighting system from anywhere in the world.


A permanent system that requires no maintenance at the cost of just a couple seasons of professional light installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The life expectancy of each bulb is 50,000 hours of use.

Yes, all our products are certified for use anywhere in Canada and the United States. Our certification is ETL listed and conforms to UL Standard UL2108 and CSA Standard C22.2# 250.2. Our ETL Listing number is 5023546.